Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kandinsky Inspired: Dodson Elementary

     2nd Grade Overlapping Circles, based on Kandinsky’s concentric circles.  Students watched the K. powerpoint, then watched a demonstration on how to create overlapping  circles.  They traced various round objects to create circles of different sizes.  Some were overlapping, and they were encouraged to use the principle of balance.  Then they outlined their shapes using Sharpies.  Last they painted the circles using watercolors, and mixing new colors in the process.

    1st Grade Circle Birds, based on Kandinsky’s concentric circles.  Students watched part of the K. slideshow, and then a demonstration on how to painting circles around an already cut out circle shape.  The students repeated the process.  On a later date the students added eyes and a beak and cut out their bird shape.  They glued it to black paper and added feathers for wings.

Kandinsky Inspired: Hermitage Elementary

These works of art come from Hermitage Elementary, where Mrs. Fritz is the teacher!  

Teacher Created Samples From Workshop2

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

TEACHER CREATED: Waterfall/Landscape

Waterfall 1 & 2 are my favorite "find" in Kandinsky's portfolio!!!!  I love these images and see this being a great lesson for teaching foreground, middle ground, and background.  There are many ways this can be "done".  You can use watercolor pencils, paint, oil pastels, water soluble oil pastels, oil pastels and black watercolor, crayon, water based markers w/water & brush......really it is endless!!! I felt the teachers did a BEAUTIFUL job on their examples...and I'd hang any one of them in my home!!!  Beautiful job teachers!!  


This project was inspired by BLUE(above image).  However we added a landscape into the picture.  We used oil pastels, but this can be done with any media.  

TEACHER CREATED: Grid Format Collage

This image connects to the previous post, but in a "grid" format.  You know your students and what they can handle.  It could be as simple as a 4 up a 30 up grid.  You decide what will work best.  This could be collage...marker....or collage and marker.